Welcome Home, Jude Robert Wu-Jin Rowe

Most people wait nine months for their grandson to arrive. We’ve been waiting twice that long. It takes awhile to adopt a child from overseas, but today I got to meet Jude Robert Wu-Jin Rowe. Joshua and Grace (our son-and-law and daughter) made it home from Korea Wednesday night, and Katrina was at the airport to welcome them back. But I was in Tampa. So today was our first time together to see our 23-month-old boy. Grace and Joshua’s journey has increased our awareness and burden for orphan care ministries, and I hope we can start an emphasis here at The Donelson Fellowship that will touch the lives of many needy children. (For a good read, get into Russell Moore’s book, Adopted for Life). Grace and Joshua worked with  Bethany Christian Services, which partnered with Holt International in Korea. Such good organizations. Thanks to everyone for your prayers.

Welcome to the family, Jude!