Welcome to the World, Owen Eric Olsen!

Katrina and I are rejoicing in the safe arrival of our newest buddy — Owen Eric Olsen, grandson #3 and grandchild #12.  Our daughter Hannah and her husband Eric live across town from us, so we’re looking forward to lots of fellowship with this little fellow. We appreciate everyone who has prayed for Hannah and for little Owen. Here are a couple of pics made by our daughter Grace.

Hannah holding Owen shortly after he was born
Father and Son
Peek a Boo

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  1. Rob and Katrina, I’ve been hoping to find a way to contact you, and I found it! This is Sue Hammack, writing from Kano, Nigeria. Terry and I congratulate you on this new bundle of joy for you to love. You are WAY ahead of us . . . we have only three grands, 2 girls and 1boy, ages 5, 3, and 3 months. Bless you all! I want to let you know that we enjoyed your Angels book so much. In fact, it has ministered to me deeply as we feel in the midst of a terrible battle here in Northern Nigeria. I don’t know how you got separated from our email list, but we want to stay in touch with you. One of our contacts is simterry@yahoo.com. Our love to you both, Sue

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