100 Bible Verses that Made America Video Study

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The book 100 Bible Verses That Made America tells 100 stories of Scripture’s influence on American history.  This ten-part video study is meant to supplement the book and is geared towards individuals or small groups.  It includes a free downloadable study guide to walk you and participants through each session.

In each 20-25m video, Rob selects a Scripture that influenced American History and teaches through the Bible passage itself (allowing the participants to read the accompanying story from American history on their own).  This means you or your group will learn about American History and its biblical roots, growing deeper in your knowledge of the Scriptures that made America!

Click Here for Free Download*: 100 Verses That Made America – Study Guide
*Note, study guide assumes study participants have a copy of 100 Bible Verses that Made America, and plan to watch the Video Study.


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