My Earliest Christmas Memory

  One of my earliest memories involves Christmas Eve and Santa Claus. I can’t recall my age, perhaps five or so. We lived in the brick house my parents had built at the corner of Riverview and Central in Elizabethton, Tennessee. Santa was making his rounds that magical evening, so I was told, and would be […]

Supreme Lessons from Acts 16

Introduction: I don’t want to be drawn tonight into discussing last week’s Supreme Court decision, but it serves as a good introduction to our Bible study tonight. There’s a chilling article in Time Magazine right now about the impact of last week’s Supreme Court decision on the church in America. The article said that the […]

Why We Do Missions

A Study of Acts 14 Introduction: Back in 1977, when I began pastoring Harris Memorial Church in Greeneville, Tennessee, I was a young pastor and didn’t much know what I was doing. But I knew I wanted to do something regarding missions. I wanted to have a missions minded church. We had a very famous […]


How God Prepares Us and Those to Whom He is Sending Us Introduction: One of the questions we’re sometimes asked is: What about those who have never heard? How can people go to hell without even having an opportunity to hear the Gospel? In times gone by, the question was usually: Are the heathen lost? […]