The Kind of Church I Want to Attend

Hope you can join us Sunday at The Donelson Fellowship for the first of two sermons on what’s happening to marriage today. This upcoming Sunday (March 6) I want to share the Bible’s perspective on the holiness and happiness of marriage; and on March 13, I’m planning to speak on the Ten Commandments of Marriage. […]

The Secret Chamber

Isaac Watts was a lifelong bachelor (he once proposed to a girl, was turned down). He lived in borrowed (but elegant) quarters. He spent much of his time writing great hymns and, later, influential textbooks. And he somehow balanced the tasks of pastoring a church (he died in the pastorate) and producing a massive volume […]

A Quiet Thought on Prayer

In his 1904 book, Quiet Talks on Prayer, Dr. Samuel D. Gordon wrote: “You can do more through your praying than through your personality.” Most of us try to do things through the force of our personalities. We persuade. We cajole. We brown-nose. We maneuver. We push. We sweet-talk. We urge. We hint. We arm-twist. […]

Making Sense of the Wrath of God

Many people are troubled by the biblical doctrine of the wrath of God. Our lack of appreciation of this doctrine is one of the reasons we trivialize sin and fail to reverence God’s holiness. The best thing I’ve ever read outside the Bible on this subject is from a book by Christian philosopher Stephen T. […]