From the Rush into the Hush

Tonight while working on my series of sermons on The Twenty-Third Psalm, I came across this quote in a 1921 book by Bibe teacher William Evans.  He was commenting on verse 2:  “He makes me lie down in green pastures.”

It is generally recognized as being a very difficult thing to get God’s people to thus lie down.  They will do almost anything and everything else but that.  They will run, walk, fight, sing, teach, preach, work, in a word do almost anything and everything except seek seasons of quiet and periods of retirement from secret communion with God and quiet soul nurture…  We do not like pauses…

From the rush into the hush Jesus calls us.

– William Evans, The Shepherd Psalm (Chicago:  The Bible Institute Colportage Association, 1921), p. 27-28.