Serve God Before Your Teeth Fall Out

Yes, that’s in the Bible. In Ecclesiastes 12, the Lord provides a comical look at old age to make a point—don’t wait to serve the Lord. Start early. Live for Christ before your hearing goes, your eyesight weakens, and your teeth fall out. Here’s my paraphrase of Ecclesiastes 12:1-6:

Make sure you serve God early in life. Start while you’re young before you get old and broken-down. Before your eyesight grows dim and your hands tremble and your posture stoops and your teeth fall out. Serve God before your eyes lose their sparkle and your ears their hearing. Serve Him before you get so old that walking down the street is like navigating an obstacle course. Serve him before your hair turns white, before you’re doubled up like a grasshopper. Before you lose your virility and vitality. Serve Him before it’s too late, before you die like a shattered bowl or a snapped cord, before you’re carted away to be buried while mourners attend your funeral and then go about their business. Serve God now, while you can, while you’re young. Get started with Him and serve Him all the way!

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