Suitcase on the Top Shelf!

I just finished my last ministry trip of the year.  Spoke six times Saturday and yesterday in Georgia and Alabama.  Joshua went with me, and we got home late last night, and I’m a little tired, light-headed, and dizzy today; so I’m just resting.  No more ministry trips until the end of January, which means several months of quiet routine, church work, suitcase on the top shelf of the closet, dinners at home each evening with Katrina. 

It’s hard to keep everything in proper alignment, balancing work with rest, travel with home, broader ministry with local one.  Do you find it so, in your own set of equations?  I’m glad for opportunities, but I’m also thankful for breaks.  May the Lord give me – and all of us – the wisdom to maintain the right ratios in life.  And whether at home or abroad, on the land, on the sea, as our days may demand shall our strength ever be.