Update from Galilee

We’re calling it a day in Galilee, but I wanted to update you (sans pictures). Early this morning we took our group to Bethsaida, a frequently overlooked site, but an important one where archaeological work is still on-going. It was the home of Peter, Andrew, and Philip, and the place where Jesus healed the blind man in stages (“I see men like trees walking”). I find it a very evocative and meaningful stop.

Leaving there, we drove around the east rim of the Sea of Galilee.

Then on to Megiddo, where we toured the ruins of this multi-layed site and stood at a vantage point with the Valley of Armageddon spread out like a blanket below us. I talked about the coming Great Tribulation and Battle of Armageddon. After lunch (falafels!) we went to Nazareth and had a wonderful time. Our guide suggested a different itinerary to me and I’m glad I agreed. We walked through the old Arab market to a little stone chapel built over the supposed site of the Hebrew synagogue where Jesus taught. We sang and read Scripture and prayed; and the sound reverberated across the room sweetly and hauntingly. Then we drove to a nearby precipice — a new site to me — with fabulous views. It may well be the place where the Nazarenes wanted to throw Jesus off the cliff in Luke 4.

We’ve come back to the hotel a little early so that people wouldn’t get too tired out. Ethan has gone to the pool, and I’m going to rest before supper.

Tomorrow, on to Jericho and Jerusalem!