Then Sings My Soul Vol. 3 by Robert J. Morgan

Teach a Course on the History of our Hymns

Every church I know has Bible studies. Why not devote a few weeks studying the rich history of our hymnody? I’m convinced that ordinary, pew-sitting, church-going Christians need to understand the history of the hymns, because the story of our songs is the musical record of our faith. Might I suggest a textbook? In Then […]

Duly Noted

Today as I’ve been working on Then Sings My Soul Book 3 I came across something I hadn’t realized, having to do with the development of musical notes. I’ve known, of course, that the introduction of “hymns” into the English church was a matter of great controversy in the early 1700s. Many thought only the […]

Contagious Buoyancy

I don’t normally read old funeral sermons, let alone quote them. But yesterday while researching for Then Sings My Soul, Volume 3, I read the memorial service conducted for hymnist Philip Bliss after he and his wife were killed in a train wreck. Bliss was the gifted young man who gave us the hymns “I […]

The Prince of Prague Who Ended Up in a Christmas Carol

You know about “Good King Wenceslas” from the Christmas carol. But do you realize the real Wenceslas was a godly teenager who has left a legacy lasting for over 1000 years. Born about AD 907, Wenceslas never actually became a king; the Christmas carol had it wrong. He was a prince and the Duke of […]