James 5:14: Should We Anoint the Sick With Oil?

  Should Christians Be Anointed with Oil for Healing? James 5:14: Eight Things to Consider Many people have asked me if they should be anointed with oil when sick, as we’re told in James 5:14: “Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with […]

How To Build a Great Church

A Study of Acts 19 In Acts 19, Paul traveled to the great city of Ephesus and planted a church, which arguably became the strongest church in the New Testament. Three of its first pastors were Paul, Timothy, and the apostle John. Several New Testament letters were written to people in Ephesus: The letter to the Ephesians; […]

Discouragement Isn’t Just Discouraged… It’s Disallowed!

I’ve been preparing for the missionary commissioning service for Doug and Mariam Bishop, who are headed with their children to Japan; and the subject of discouragement has come to mind. The great British preacher John Stott, said, “Discouragement is the occupational hazard of the Christian ministry.” Only the Lord knows how many times over the […]

Read Through A Whole Book of the Bible in One Sitting

I’ve had a leisurely morning in my hotel room in Tampa, and since I’m getting ready to preach through the book of Daniel I decided to read the book in one sitting. It took just over 28 minutes – less time than watching a half-hour TV program. By reading the entire book at once, I […]