Why I Believe in Expositional Preaching

Why expositional preaching? Our job as preachers is to instill the logic of God in the minds of His people. His logic unfolds as the verses of the Bible uncoil. He gives His truth one paragraph at a time, and as we study the threads of thought linking the sentences of Scripture, we are, in […]

Mobile Memory

One’s mobile phone can be an enormous help in Scripture memory. I put my memory passages onto Evernote and carry them with me wherever I go. It’s the modern equivalent of the old Navigator verse packs, bless them. There are also Scripture memory apps. But the best tool of all, as far as I’m concerned, […]

Wedding Renewal Vows

Recently a couple asked if I would help them to renew their marital vows on their anniversary. It was a sweet and simple few minutes in my office with another couple as witnesses. Because pastors sometimes need resources for occasions like this, I thought I’d take the liberty of posting the vows I wrote for […]

Beyond Success Literature

A generation ago there were a lot of door-to-door salesmen who represented great companies and manufacturers (back when America was still a manufacturing nation). They peddled products from house to house and office of office, but sometimes it was discouraging work, especially starting out before a customer base developed. In sales, you might have a […]