New Free Monthly Resource–Overflow!

Serving the Lord in full-time or part-time vocational ministry is harder than one would think. Let to myself, I have no idea how to go about doing it. But I through the years I’ve had the opportunity of asking a lot of great people for their advice. I’ve read books that have helped me. The Lord has imparted ideas, and we’ve pressed on with joy and thankfulness.

Now, in conjunction with some of my valued colleagues, I’d like to propose a new, free, monthly newsletter for pastors, staffers, missionaries, teachers, para-church workers, and others in ministry.

It’s called Overflow. Each month it’ll have a word of encouragement and guidance, along with a bevy of sermon illustrations, quotes, and ideas about church work, pastoral ministry, and Christian service.

Please pass this along to friends so we can sign up as many as possible. Anyone can receive it at no cost or obligation.

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