A Classic Volume on Humility

andrew_murray_gifIn yesterday’s blog, I tried to give a simple definition for humility.  It is not a low self-image; it’s a high Jesus-image.

Today I’d like to tell you about a man who wrote with humility about humility.  His name is Andrew Murray, and his book, Humility, was originally published in 1859.

Murray was born to Scottish (Dutch Reformed) missionaries serving in South Africa.  Place of birth- Cape Town.  Year – 1828.  When he was ten years old, Andrew was sent back to Scotland for schooling, and he later pursued university studies in the Netherlands.  There he was exposed to a spiritual revival that deeply affected him.  After being ordained by the Dutch Reformed Church, he returned to South Africa to minister.  In 1856, he married his wife, Emma, and they had four boys and four girls.

During the course of his ministry Murray pastored several churches in South Africa and helped advance the South Africa Revival of 1869.  Perhaps his most lasting legacy is his print ministry – his books and tracts.  He authored a whopping 240 of them, some of which have proven to be genuine classics on the Deeper Christian Life.

When he was in his fifties, Andrew was stuck by a mysterious throat ailment that rendered him unable to speak for two years.  It was a traumatic period for a preacher, but it affected his personality for the good, giving him a kinder, gentler spirit.  Out of this experience, he wrote twelve messages on the subject of humility, which became the basis for this book.

Tomorrow, I’ll share some excerpts from Humility by Andrew Murray.