A Very Present Help

Last Sunday at The Donelson Fellowship I preached from Psalm 46:1 and devoted the message to the powerful phrase: God is… is a very present help in trouble. Notice how this line expands, how it telescopes. Every added word and phrase doubles and redoubles its force.

  • God is a help.
  • He is a present help.
  • He is a very present help.
  • He is a very present help in trouble.

The word “present” has implications in both geography and chronology. It means He is present with you, and He is presently with you—right now. If you want to add a final phrase to the verse, you can rightly say: God is a very present help in trouble for me. This isn’t technically a promise, as there is no future tense to the verb. It’s a present fact, an immediate reality for believers to enjoy right now.

For my complete message on this subject, click here.

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