Could I Interest You In One More Angel Story?

Several years ago in Leadership Journal, I read about a schoolteacher name Dobie Gadient who decided to tour America. Traveling alone in a truck and camper, she was rounding a curve on Interstate 5 in California when a water pump blew on her truck. In spite of the traffic jam she caused, no one seemed interested in helping.

Leaning against the trailer, she prayed, “Please, God, send me an angel…  preferably one with mechanical experience.”

Within minutes, a huge Harley drove up, ridden by an enormous man with long black hair, a beard, and tattooed arms. He jumped off and without even glancing at Dobie went to work on the truck.

The schoolteacher was too dumbfounded to talk. But as he finished his task, she got up enough courage to say thank him and carry on a brief conversation. Noting her nervousness, the man looked her straight in the eye and mumbled, “Don’t judge a book by its cover. You may not know who you’re talking to.”

With that he smiled, closed the hood of the truck, straddled his Harley, and was gone as fast as he had appeared. The words on the back of his jacket said: “Hell’s Angels–California.”

PS – (For some other–more conventional–accounts of angels and the biblical data behind them, check out my book Angels: True Stories.)