Great Day in the Morning

For the last 38 of my 56 years, I’ve begun almost every morning with an appointment with God – sometimes called “Morning Watch,” “Quiet Time,” “Morning Prayers” or “Morning Devotions.”  It starts the day on a sure and steady note, and I recommend it to you.  My own practice involves several elements:

1. Journal:  I pen a few things in my notebook, usually a recap of yesterday or my agenda for today or perhaps a concern I have.

2. Bible:  I start reading where I left off yesterday, reading as few or as many verses as I want, looking for some truth to take into the day.  I often jot that in my journal, too.

3. Prayer List:  It’s natural to move from Bible study to prayer.

4. Memory Verse List:  I keep my Bible memory work alongside my prayer list and take a little time to work on it each day.

5. Hymnal:  Very often I’ll wrap up my prayer time with a hymn.

6. Devotional Book:  It’s great to finish with a page from a good devotional book.  Right now I’m reading “Some Secrets for Christian Living” by F. B. Meyer.

Two notes: 
–This doesn’t have to take a long time.  The whole process can be abbreviated to just a few minutes.  The important thing is not to rush.  If you have only five minutes, take the whole time as leisurely and richly as you can.  On the other hand, if you have a full hour, enjoy it!

–You don’t have to have all six steps.  The whole point of the Morning Watch is not following a routine but fellowshipping with the Father.  That purpose can be accomplished with a good walk through the park while mulling over a passage and communing with the Lord in prayer.  Find a plan that works best for you.

  • For more information about having a daily Quiet Time, check out my book SIMPLE.