Muttering Thanksgiving

Here’s a new spiritual habit to form — muttering thanksgiving. Try going through the day whispering or saying aloud, “Thank You, Lord, for these socks I’m putting on, for my shoes, for my jacket you’ve provided.  Thank you for the gasoline in my car.  Thank you for the red in cranberries and the orange in sweet potatoes. Thank you for my job.  Thank you for this school teacher whom I like.  Thank you for helping me with this or that.”

What if we were just always muttering and breathing out a word of thanksgiving here and there to the Lord for the little blessings that come our way each day!  It would amount to a constant attitude of thanksgiving and a constant practice of thanking God for the countless little blessings He gives us.

After all, the Bible says that He daily loads us with benefits (Psalm 68:19).  If we were more expressive with our thanksgiving, we’d recognize His presence more frequently.

Today Katrina and I will be muttering a word of thanksgiving for you!