With Christ on the Emmaus Road

Here’s one of the reasons we love the story of our Lord’s walk on the Emmaus Road in Luke 24: It tells us the Risen Christ wanted to spend the afternoon of His greatest day with two people no one had ever heard of before. One was named Cleopas, but we don’t have any idea who he was. He isn’t mentioned in any previous passage in the Gospels, and he is never mentioned again in the New Testament.

The name of the other disciple isn’t given at all. We don’t even know if the second traveler was a man or a woman.

These were not major Bible characters. They were never mentioned before and they are never mentioned again. On the day that He rose from the dead, Jesus Christ chose to be with simple, common, ordinary, everyday, non-famous people like Cleopas and the other disciple.

Jesus is at home with people like us. He values us for who we are. He loves us just because He loves us. Don’t ever think you’re insignificant in His sight. These were two people for whom Jesus had died and rose again; and He planned in advance to be with them on the day He rose from the dead. What a friend He is to such as us.

–Excerpted from my message for this coming Sunday. For the entire sermon, click here for www.donelson.org, and check out the sermon tab.