Having a Ball – Zorbing

While in Pigeon Forge last weekend, I discovered a new sport – Zorbing.  It’s a New Zealand invention.  In essence, you bounce down the side of a mountain inside a rubber ball.  It puts quite a bounce in your step. It reminds me of when, as boys, we used to roll down the hill at Roan Mountain in a barrel. I’m a firm believer that one should never grow up.

4 thoughts on “Having a Ball – Zorbing

  1. Rob, That looks like so much fun. Thanks for keeping a bounce in the step of our church with your leadership and sermons

  2. I had to look up a video to see exactly how this works and it DOES look fun!!! I was suspicious of the “sport” part until I saw it in action. Very cool.

  3. Zorbing reminds me of rolling around the FFWBC (Albany,GA) playground in a concrete culvert. It was not quite as cushioned or bouncy!

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