Be Strong


We’re living in difficult times, and events on the world stage are disconcerting. In days like these, we need to be stronger husbands, stronger wives, and stronger people. We need stronger children, stronger families, stronger churches, and a stronger determination to tackle each day for good and for God. If you’re like me, you want stronger faith, stronger peace, stronger joy, and more stamina to do the work the Lord assigns each day.

strength-bookGod’s Word provides the strength you need, the strength I need, the strength we need. The Bible is packed with passages about inner strength, and His will is for us to be strengthened in our inner being through the riches of His grace (see Ephesians 3:16). Join me as I unpack some of the Bible’s greatest passages about perpetual, personal strength in my new book The Strength You Need, available for pre-order.

3 thoughts on “Be Strong

  1. I am looking forward to your new book. I have already put my order in with Christian book club. I love your writing. I love your book 100 Bible verses everyone should know. Its great. God has given you the wonderful expression of His love to you. Thank you, June Bloom

  2. Myself & 5 precious friends are in the Red Sea Rules bible study. We are all learning & growing in Gods word and thank you for being dedicated to serving God & others in your teachings.
    God bless you, Rob

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