Vandy Christians: Welcome to Communist China

Here in Nashville this week, a spokesperson for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State told Vanderbilt University Christian groups, who are being forced off campus, to “stop whining” and to hold their meetings in private homes like Christians in Communist China. Go. Leave. Hide. Meet in secret. Slink into the underground. Watch us treat you the way Communists do in restrictive countries. Find a home or a hole and get off our campus.

It’s chilling when a school, its policies, and its advocates so openly discriminate against Christians that they publicly suggest believers worship underground like the persecuted church in totalitarian lands.

All I can say is that those seeking to discriminate against Christians have forgotten the lesson of history — the more Christians are oppressed, the more they multiply. The religion of secularism, once unleashed, is as fundamentalist and intolerant as any philosophy the world has ever known. We’re watching the bigotry play out here in our own city as Christian students are ushered to the door. Vanderbilt University should be ashamed.

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