The Dukes of Hazzard — Well, One of Them

Last Friday Katrina fell out of her wheelchair right on the bathroom floor. I was making hospital visits, and our daughter Victoria couldn’t reach me and couldn’t lift her mom out of the floor. At that very moment, the doorbell rang. Opening the door, Victoria met a stranger, Lawrence Mathis of Nashwood Films. He said, “We’d like to use your house for a film.” They had been planning to use a house down the street but ran into a complication.

Victoria said, “First come with me. My mother has fallen.” She led Lawrence right to the bathroom where he helped tenderly lift my wife back onto her wheelchair.

“Now,” said Victoria and Katrina, recovering, “What movie?”

(I am not making this up).

And so last night the cast and crew of Lukewarm, a Christian film produced by Mr. Mathis, filmed at our house. It was great fun, and we were even able to meet the star, John Schneider, of Dukes of Hazard and Smallville fame.

Lukewarm, directed by Tom Makowski, will be released in 2012.

Lights, Cameras, Action!
Eye on the World
A Humble and Pleasant Man
Supper Scene
Curious Grandkids
Fifth Take
Night Scene
"Just the Good Ole Boys, Never Meaning No Harm"