The Beauty of Belfast and Northern Ireland

  Thanks to my friends at Child Evangelism Fellowship Ireland, I’ve had a wonderful time ministering the Word, working on a book, and getting in a bit of sightseeing. Ireland is as beautiful as everyone has told me. Here are a few pictures, which include the location of the building where the Titanic was designed […]

If Irish Walls Could Talk

  Today in Belfast, Northern Ireland, we took a little time away from speaking engagements for sightseeing in a city that still shows the marks of its violent conflicts, but which also welcomes visitors to its beautiful landscapes, dramatic murals, and Titanic celebrations. I was most intrigued by the political murals, which are posted on buildings all over […]

Your Invitation: Tour Israel with Me in 2016

  There’s nothing like seeing the places you’ve read about all your life. For students of the Bible, a trip to the Holy Land is a lifetime adventure that adds depth and interest to every page of Scripture. That’s why Van Stewart and I have been leading tours to Israel for many years. Our 2016 […]

The Cathedral in Milan

  This week I’m privileged to be speaking to a group of believers in Interlaken. Europe is in the grip of a heat wave, and almost nothing here is air conditioned because it’s never this hot.  We’re sleeping (or trying to), preaching, eating, sightseeing, and fellowshipping in sweltering heat. As I spoke last night people were fanning […]