A GREAT Resource for Preachers and Teachers

Being a good preacher like being a NFL quarterback, only harder. On any given Sunday, a quarterback has to complete an efficient pass to an alert receiver. But a preacher has to first construct the football; then he has to deliver the thing to receivers who may not be paying attention (maybe because they’re thinking […]

The Kind of Church I Want to Attend

Hope you can join us Sunday at The Donelson Fellowship for the first of two sermons on what’s happening to marriage today. This upcoming Sunday (March 6) I want to share the Bible’s perspective on the holiness and happiness of marriage; and on March 13, I’m planning to speak on the Ten Commandments of Marriage. […]

KALEO Notes on Luke 6

Luke 6:1-11 contains two stories involving the Sabbath Day. In the first, the disciples are criticized for picking some heads of grain, rubbing them in their hands, and eating the kernels on the Sabbath. Most of us have never eaten raw wheat, but Iin agrarian lands it has long been customary to chew on fresh […]

KALEO Notes on Luke 5 – Letting Down the Nets

In Luke 5, Jesus taught the Word of God to the lakeside crowds as He sat in a boat. The water carried His voice, and the short buffer between the shore and the boat kept Him from being pressed and trampled by the crowds. After finishing His sermon, Jesus told Peter to row to a […]